PROGRAMTECH Ltd. is an organization with the scope of software designing, creating, introduction and software products service in the field of energy generation and other kinds if industry.

MISSION: Maintenance of good and reliable technical condition of machine and equipment, applying complex and integrated operational decisions. Our activity includes monitoring, evaluation, prognosis and protection of technical equipment applying acoustic and vibration analysis, thermal vision, oil analysis, acoustic emission, non-destructive testing and other high-technology solutions.
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Last changes: January, 2018
Speed Sensors
Leak Detectors


The specialists, working in the firm, have wide experience in the field of rotation machines technical diagnostics in the power generation and chemical industry (industrial power-generating steam turbo-units, turbo- and centrifugal compressors and pumps, large high velocity gear boxes, piston compressors, fans, etc.).
Our personnel consists of the best vibration diagnostics specialists in Bulgaria. We are certified in Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines.
Technical Diagnostics Lab. - the branch of Programtech Ltd. Subjects of our activity are: technical diagnostics and field balancing of rotation machines and equipment, precise laser-optical alignment, software development and adjustment for vibration diagnosis and non-destructive control, delivery and introduction of on-line and off-line vibration control, monitoring and analysis systems and devices.
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